Welcome to the enrollment page for Beast Ninja, Myrtle Beach’s hottest new workout facility and indoor obstacle course. Part American Ninja Warrior, part military obstacle course, part cross fit- 100% addicting!

It’s Out of the Ordinary!

Become a part of the Beast Ninja indoor obstacle course gym, to be part of the fastest growing workout sensation in the country. Forget all the gyms or workouts you have tried before. This is something new and amazing. Run, jump, climb, lift, flip, and get yourself in the best shape of your life. Workouts at Beast Ninja don’t feel like work. They feel like an adventure. Therefore you aren’t just getting in a workout, you are letting out your inner beast!

Test Yourself!

Beast Ninja’s indoor course is full of challenging obstacles that stretch your body and muscles to all new levels of achievement. Workouts should never be the same boring thing, in the same old boring places! For that reason alone we are screaming out to you! Come on Myrtle Beach! Unleash your inner beast through enrollment in the Beast Ninja Indoor Obstacle Course!

Still unsure? Some of you might still have questions? Please feel free to contact us. If this seems like just the challenge you have been searching for, then you are ready to get started fill out the enrollment form below. 

You will pay for your membership upon your first visit to the Obstacle Course and gym. You can also complete the enrollment form on location at our facility if you wish. 

If you have chosen an automatically renewing contract at the end of the specified initial term, we the provider must provide you with a written, verbal or email notice of no more than 30 days prior to the automatic renewal taking effect. It is the responsibility of you the customer to provide the business with updated, current address/mailing and email information to insure prompt notice is received by you the customer. MEMBER AGREES: to abide by all the membership rules and regulations of the club. In recognition of the possible dangers connected with any physical activity, member herby knowingly and voluntarily waive any right of cause action of any kind whatsoever arising as a result to such activity from which any liability may or could accrue to the club, its officers, agents, employees, or instructors. If the contract becomes delinquent and is given to any attorney for collection who is not a salaried employee of Seller, you agree to pay court costs allowed by law and reasonable attorney’s fees, not in excess of 15% of the unpaid debt. Member also agrees no other representation is made other than what is agreed to in written herein. Failure to use the facility will not relieve member of payment.
The items shall be drawn on or about the date of the promissory note. The transactions on your bank statement will constitute receipts for payment on your account