Myrtle Beast
Myrtle Beast
May 21 2022
Myrtle Beast
May 21 2022
Myrtle Beast
May 21 2022

Myrtle Beast Terrain Race Rules

General Rules

  • • Safety first! Do not attempt anything you do not feel comfortable doing.
  • • It is the responsibility of each racer to know and understand rules of the race and all specifications of the obstacles. For any racer who does not understand the rules, it is his/her responsibility to ask the organizer or staff before the racer enters the obstacle.
  • • All racers must be registered and turn in a signed waiver before racing.
  • • All racers must be assigned a bib number before racing.
  • • For safety purposes, racers must have proper athletic footwear on to begin the race.
  • • All racers must be on site and signed in no later than 15 minutes prior to their assigned heat. Racers must be in the start corral 5 minutes prior to start time.
  • • All racers, ages 17 and under must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before racing.
  • • All racers 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult who is a registered racer while racing.
  • • Agree to treat everyone with courtesy and respect, including but not limited to your fellow runners, walkers, volunteers, organizers, etc.
  • • Your outfit must be all age appropriate.
  • • Rough housing is not allowed, you will be asked to leave without a refund if you are rough housing, play fighting, fighting, etc.
  • • You understand there are no refunds for those who are required to purchase their run packets.
  • • You agree and understand that Myrtle Beast staff reserves the right to remove you from the race AT ANY TIME for ANY REASON deemed appropriate. If you are harassing someone, causing a disturbance, your outfit is unsafe, not allowed, or inappropriate, you will be removed WITHOUT REFUND. We do not want to remove you. Please simply abide by the rules and treat everyone appropriately!
  • • You agree and understand that this list of rules and regulations may be changed, altered, added to, etc. in anyway at anytime by Myrtle Beast for any reason including the day of the race, before, etc.
  • • Transgender Policy: Transgender athletes are welcome to participate in Myrtle Beast. Any transgender athlete competing for the cash prize must compete in their gender assigned at birth and follow The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act: 461
  • • The Act requires that athletic teams or sports be expressly designated as for males, men or boys; females, women or girls, or coed or mixed. It also requires that teams or sports designated for females must not be open to “students of the male sex.”

Rules for racers competing for medals and cash prizes

  1. Cash Prizes- All general rules apply to racers competing for the cash prizes.
  2. Men’s Heat- The men’s heat will begin at 8:30am. Racers must be in the start corral 5 minutes prior to the start time.
  3. Women’s Heat- The women’s heat will begin at 8:45am. Racers must be in the start corral 5 minutes prior to the start time.
  4. Shoes- Absolutely no shoes with metal spikes or cleats. Anybody wearing them will be disqualified. Racers must complete the race with the shoes they started with. If a shoe comes off, the racer must complete the rest of the race with their shoes, whether by carrying them or putting them back on. Racers may set their shoes aside to complete an obstacle, and then return to pick up their shoes.
  5. Race Timing- Your finish time and placement will be determined by chip time. It’s possible that someone who starts after you or finishes after you could have a better race time and beat you.
  6. Awards Ceremony- Once the race results have been finalized, the awards ceremony will be held on the main stage. You must pick up your award at the event; they will not be mailed post-race.
  7. Rule Changes- For safety or logistical purposes, Myrtle Beast management may change or alter the rules for an obstacle at any time. If a race official or obstacle attendee instructs you to do something, follow their verbal instructions. Should you disregard verbal instructions from race officials or obstacle attendees, you will be reported to Myrtle Beast Management who will then rule on the matter.
  8. Attempts- Obstacles may be attempted an unlimited number of times. (There are no workout alternatives.) If you are unable to complete an obstacle on your first attempt, you may use any lane to try the obstacle again, however, you must go to the end of the line if people are waiting for the lane you want. If there is an open lane that nobody is waiting for, you may restart immediately. This is to avoid impeding athletes behind you who are attempting an obstacle for the first time.
  9. Podium Eligibility- To be eligible for the podium, racers must give an honest “good faith” attempt at each obstacle. Any obstacle directly bypassed without solid attempt will be grounds for disqualification and your race bib will be removed. Racers Bib numbers will be reported to the scorekeepers for racers who attempted but did not complete an obstacle, they will keep their bib and be marked as still eligible to qualify. This is important for the unusual circumstance that no racers completed 100% of the obstacles.
  10. Cheating- Racers who are caught skipping lanes, violating any rules or cheating in any manner will be disqualified.
  11. Course- Athletes must follow all course markings. If you become lost, please return to the last known location on the course. If you do not understand the direction of the course, find a race official to assist you.
  12. Obstacles- If you do not understand how to complete an obstacle, please ask an attendee, and follow the instructions specified.
  13. Fair play- You must not intentionally impede the progression of another competitor. This behavior may result in disqualification.
  14. Results- Myrtle Beast results will be broken down into three categories:
    1. Racers who successfully completed all the obstacles and finished the race.
    2. Racers who did not complete all obstacles but made an honest “good faith” attempt and finished the race.
    3. Racers who were disqualified.

Reasons to run with us!

Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Fun for groups or Solo

Fun for Groups or Solo

Relive Your Athletic Days

Relive Your Athletic Days

Sense of Accomplishment




To register for the Myrtle Beast Terrain Race you must sign both of the waivers below and register for the event on Failure to do so will prevent participation in the race and any other events held that day. The forms must be returned to ...



Terrain Race Rules


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