The youth Ninja program helps kids improve their agility, strength, balance, coordination and also their confidence. Obstacle course challenges have become a worldwide sport and it’s a fun way for kids to get the exercise they need.

We will teach the kids how to properly negotiate the obstacles and do exercises with them that will help them confidently master each obstacle. Once they’ve mastered them all, the next step is for them to master the entire course from start to finish. After that it’s a fun game of bragging rights for who can conquer the course the fastest. We will also set up additional challenges throughout the course for extra points to add a little extra excitement.

We divide the youth obstacle course programs up into two age groups. This encourages the children to feel comfortable with individuals who are approximately the same size and skill levels. This also reduces any peer pressure or influence for children to try skills they are not ready to attempt. 


Youth Ninja Training

One time Enrollment fee $25 per Ninja


Mini Ninjas (Ages 5-7)

Monday and Wednesday

4:30 PM – Mini Ninjas

5:30 PM – Mini Ninjas

6:30 PM- Elite Ninjas

Tuesday and Thursday

10:30  Am – Homeschool Ninjas

Youth Ninjas (Ages 8-13)

Tuesday and Thursday:

10:30 AM – Homeschool Ninjas

11:30 PM – Elite Homeschool Class

5:00 PM – Youth Ninjas 

6:00 PM – Youth Ninjas

7:00 PM – Elite Ninjas

Youth Ninjas will get to pick which 2 days to come- please sign up for days at the front desk. We will add extra classes for Minis as well if the class size grows.

Also ask about our Home School program every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM!

Parents get 50% off gym memberships while children are actively enrolled in our youth ninja programs.

Training Package $125/Month-twice a week.

If auto-bill is authorized fees are only $99 a month.

Family Package
Get 20% off all enrollment and monthly membership fees for families of 2 or more.

If you have any additional questions about the youth ninja program, our indoor obstacle course, or anything related to Beast Ninja, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can find our contact page here.


We know that from time to time children may come in a group and all parents may not be present. We require all waivers to be filled out ahead of time by the parent of their child. You can download the waiver to be filled out by clicking the button below.