1st day

Who hates burpees?
1st session 5
Kettlebell Upright Row
1st session 9
Left Plank
1st session 10
Flip that tire girl
1st session 13
Stationary Lunges
1st session 23
Job well done
1st session 21
Jumping Jacks
2nd session 10
That tire is bigger than you. Good job kid!
2nd session 16
Father and son training together.
ammo cans
Sand filled ammo cans…. 30 lbs
air squats
Air squats
donkey kicks
Donkey kicks
dirty dogs
Dirty dogs
1st session 8
Front planks
2nd session 5
Crunches. Reach for your toes!
2nd Session 1
Make those arms big and curl that thing.

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