Day of Gunny’s Boot Camp Challenge and Scores

Nikki and Chelsea are having too much fun!

The girls

PeteOne Punch

with Bauhaus
The Marines from Camp Lejeune
The Ammo Cans
Jasmine registering people behind the ammo-cans that were awarded to the male and female with the most ammo-can lifts.
Team One Punch Fitness
Team One Punch Fitness
Sofia Gunny's little Girl
My beautiful daughter Sofia enjoying the event
Team Bone Crushers
How many ammo-can lifts can you do in 1 minute? 30lbs
Marine Corps Crunches! Ooh Rah!
Now for the flipping race!
This guy is ready!

Gunny-Challenge-PinFlip itthreetyyt2nd3rd


Click below to see the results of the competition

Final Scores


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