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Gunny’s Bootcamp is run by retired Marine, former Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Small. Gunny’s Bootcamp offers personal training and indoor/outdoor boot camp group sessions. Gunny Small has made it his mission to not only give back to the community by offering a unique fitness venue but also to give back to his fellow warriors by hosting events that raise donations for The Wounded Warrior Program.

The Crucible will be the name of this revolutionary vision for strength and agility fitness, charity events, team building, athlete training, children’s core principal sessions and a hot new attraction for the Myrtle Beach tourists: an obstacle course challenge and cross-training concept. Initiating a fairly new concept, obstacle course and cross-training fitness, may seem like a challenge to many but Gunny loves a challenge. He thrives on it! He believes in the inner strength of each individual and knows that this innovative approach to fitness is the newest trending training craze that is quickly catching on across the country. For obvious reasons! This type of fitness training not only increases stamina, endurance and overall health. It also builds self-discipline,
self-esteem and self-worth.

For those of you not familiar with the hot new
trend of obstacle course training, check out this recent news article by Business Insider:

Still don’t understand exactly what obstacle course fitness centers are? Check this out:

And now decide if YOU can count on this former MARINE to bring it on…! He dedicated his career to
protecting you and your loved ones & making a difference in the lives of his fellow Marines.

Now, YOU can be part of the next chapter! Do YOUR part and bring this innovative fitness concept to the Myrtle Beach area. For active Military, for Veterans, for students and children, for local athletes, for the
HUGE tourist population and for all the locals that will benefit and GROW both in physical and inner strength – BE a part of this initiative. Your donation supports an up and coming business that will continue to make donations to one of America’s most treasured non-profit organizations, the Wounded Warrior

Want to know more? You can speak with Gunny directly. Reach out to him by checking him out on FB,
or by his website

Honor yesterday by
investing in tomorrow.

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