Facilities and Trainers

In myrtle Beach you have a lot of choices to get in shape or stay in shape. You have traditional gyms that offer you the chance to use treadmills, bikes, and lift weights to tone your body or drop unwanted pounds. You can go to places that give you the chance to tone your body using yoga. There are even the harder tests of your body in gyms that use cross fit training to boost your physical abilities.

But there is no place in Myrtle Beach that offers you the workout options like we do at Beast Ninja! You can test your body like it has never been tested before. You can train your mind to ignore your body when it says it can’t do any more. We believe there are no limits to the things you can do if you have the desire, the drive, and the determination to become the very best you can be.

Beast Ninja has a fully equipped traditional gym experience where you can get your body ready to take the next level of physical fitness. If you need help to build your body and mind, we have a training team that is second to none in Myrtle Beach. Meet them here. Finally, the obstacle course. At Beast Ninja, we have put together an obstacle course that can test even the most proven fitness warrior.

The choice is yours Myrtle Beach. Do you want to go to a gym near you, in your neighborhood that is more social hour than working out? Or do you want to experience fitness like you have never experienced it before? Are you ready to become a Beast Ninja?