Blood and Sweat Fitness Challenge



Sweat more in peace time, bleed less in battle”. Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach has been overshadowed by the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest. I have the privilege to work with Ratt and Amy Weaver at the RH arena to bring our community together during Memorial Day Weekend, away from the activities of the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest so that we can celebrate, enjoy great family entertainment, and honor our fallen heroes together as a community on May 29th.

There will be a Marine Corps style boot camp tournament to watch, plenty of food and activities for the kids, and a firework display to finish the night at 9pm.  Click on Blood and Sweat for details of the tournament.

link to WMBF News interview part 1

Part 2

Sequence of Events:

2:00 pm: Tug a War

3:00 pm: Ammo-can lift competition

3:30 pm: National Anthem / Introduce competitors

4:00 pm: Phase 1 of the boot camp tournament begins “Ammo Resupply

4:30 pm: Phase 2 begins “Slam Ball Scramble

5:00 pm: Phase 3 begins “Hurt Locker”

The last man and last woman standing will have a one hour recovery period before Gunny’s final boot camp challenge.

5:30 pm: Pull-up competition

6:00 pm: Men and women’s ripped abs competition

6:30 pm: 1st place female competitor runs Gunny’s Boot Camp challenge course.

6:45 pm: 1st place male competitor runs the Gunny’s Boot Camp challenge course.

7:00 pm: Present awards to competitors

7:30 pm: Music

9:00 pm: Taps followed by fireworks to end the event.





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